engaging platform presence raconteur high class exhilirating
"His technique is formidable and his programme planning quite excellent " Musical Opinion "such fluency and musicality" The Daily Telegraph 'a fine guitarist…he plays so seductively' The Sunday Times 'here is a player who knows what magical sounds can be coaxed from the guitar' Musical Opinion
'powerful hands…radiant tone…vivid and exciting' Classical Guitar Magazine 'his finely nuanced playing…confirmed both the physical and imaginative strength of his artistry' The Times 'remarkable colours… sheer velocity…totally commanding' Classical Guitar Magazine 'one of the finest guitarists of his time' Cyprus Herald Virtuoso
'jewel-like precision …technical prowess' The Daily Telegraph 'A high point was Gary Ryan's playing…Ryan showed his sheer prowess' The Observer 'the whole recital was a delight ...high class musicianship' Musical Opinion "…I sat up for a guitarist of outstanding musicality called Gary Ryan …impeccable…" The Independent Composer